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Sean Patrick O'Mordha's ancestoral family has a long history of moving about, starting in ancient Greece before moving to Egypt,then onto the Iberian Peninsula (now Spain). From there they migrated to the northeast coast of an peaceful island later to be known as Ireland. There, the family became powerful supporters of the king before moving to Scotland and spreading out from there and around the world. In the 1630's a branch came ashore in America. They didn't stay long in any one spot, even in their new land. As Americans began moving west, so did the O Mordha branch, moving from New Jersey to Virginia then on to Kentucky, Illinois and Iowa.

Sean's father continued the tradition by hitchhiking at the age of 14 from Iowa to Idaho, and then back to western Nebraska where he married Sean's mother.

Starting life in Scottsbluff, Nebraska in 1943, Sean spent much of his early years on his uncles' farms there. He actually grew up in Laramie, Wyoming where he spent summers hiking, fishing and horseback riding, and winters cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. That's where he met his bride of thirty-two years, and where his three children were born.

Upholding family tradition, Sean, himself, has lived in six western states and currently has a roof to hide under in four, migrating as the seasons and whim dictate.

The urge and gift of writing has never been far as he began spinning stories as a teenager, however, his first published writing was non-fiction. Over the years he has published in law enforcement journals in the U.S. and abroad as well as contributing to several historical tomes. He also authored an annotated Torah (five volumes covering the first five books in the Bible), a project that took eleven years to research.

With retirement, Sean changed direction and began publication of fictional work. In 2003 he placed in the SLS writing contest which garnered an invitation to St. Petersburg, Russia. However, poor health at the time prevented participation. Relatively healthy again, he has renewed the family drive to tell stories. Still writing and publishing short stories, he has ventured into novels. A Pirate's Legacy series, began publication July of 2010 with the first volume, For Glory, Truth and Treasure. That has been followed by The Urchin Pirate, CIC (Canary Island Commandos), and The Lions of el Bayahd . Other novels include, Incident at Beaver Creek, Death by TOP SECRET, For All Time and Eternity: Waters From the Deep, and Man With No Name. A collection of short stories,
ales for a Sleepless Night, is an eBook provided as a gift available at

Sean freely shares his understanding of writing and publishing on Linkedin  and on his blog


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