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A Pirate's Legacy 1
For Glory, Truth and Treasure

The saga begins when David Dolephene discovers he is the last male descendant of Francois Evreux, the founder of a sizable plantation in the Canary Islands 400 years ago. Although a respected businessman, there was another side to Don Evreux--piracy.

Traveling to the tiny island of El Hierro, David seeks to take possession of the family property and learn more of his infamous ancestor. What he discovers is an enemysworn  to destroy the Evreux family line. When the government moves to confiscate the property for back taxes, David embarks on a search for a treasure hidden somewhere on the island by his illustrious ancestor. 

With new friends, Alejandro and Concepcion, the three follow the clues, finding themselves on a mission to rescue a 400 year-old ghost while trying to stay alive.

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Incident at Beaver Creek

When Jake Bershinksy was seven, his mother took a job on the Zuni National Forest in New Mexico. Because he was "Forest Service" other kids ostracized him, but he found a friend in Henry Riley, an Antigua Pueblo Indian, and was adopted by the community. It never dawned on him that he might be more than a white kid. Years later, Jake retires from the Military and returns as a law enforcement officer on the same forest, but his association with the Antigua is more distanced. When a body is discovered at Beaver Creek campground, his life is set on a collision course with his past as he searches for the murder to avert a full-scale Indian uprising.

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On 11 Jun 1951, the United State Government established what is now called the Nevada National Security Site located sixty-five miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. This fourteen-hundred square mile area is pockmarked from the detonation of 1,021 nuclear devices tested in the area. There was a reason for so many nuclear tests at this location, beyond the obvious. How better to protect one of the world's most secret, military bases? Known by many different names, this six by ten mile piece of radiated real estate is most commonly called Area 51. Not even all of America's Commander-in-chiefs since Eisenhower were totally aware of that base's secrets. The military saw it as a ?as-needs-to-know? policy, so when something went wrong, Janice Bowman, the first woman President, was horrified to learn the truth. She turned to an old friend, Milt Stone of Homeland Security, to get things under control. Beneath Area 51 was a super-high security prison and one of the prisoners had escaped to literally feed on Las Vegas residents.

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A Pirate's Legacy 2:
The Urchin Pirate

Don Francois Evreux, also known as the Pirate Dolphin, had been warned, but allowed anger to rule his emotions. As a result he was cursed to wander the earth, separated from the family he so dearly loved until his repentance can be fulfilled. The Urchin Pirate follows the first twenty years of Don Francois' life from the streets of St. Nazaire, France to his triumphant return home, and how an act of defending his homeland caused him to be cursed for 600 years.

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Waters From the Deep

During the final days of the war between Lucifer and Heaven, Lucifer discovers a way to go back in time. His plan is to stop Noah from sailing the ARK and thereby prevent any righteous people from populating the earth. He would gain total victory. However, God is aware of the plan and prepares a champion to thwart Lucifer's attack. The one problem is that the champion must come to earth to attain a mortal body and in the process lose any memory of his assignment and why he is the target for assassination.

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A Pirate's Legacy 3
(Canary Island Commandos)




When Concepcion is kidnapped by the Italian Mafioso and held for ransom, David and Alejandro become frustrated with how slowly the police are moving. With information extracted from a member of the gang left behind, the two young men take it upon themselves to rescue their sister. Getting into the stronghold isn't that difficult. Getting out alive is an entirely different matter, and someone is going to die in the process.

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Standing on the volcanic parapet the man watched as the typhoon gathered for a frontal assault. Just ahead of the melee a very small boat on a very large ocean is seeking protection in the lagoon. Its pilot has no control as the wind and storm surge carry it into Kahuna's Teeth and destruction. The mysterious hermit suddenly finds himself caring for a young man without a memory of the past. However, the past remembers the boy - and wants him dead.

An epic novel stretching from the warm waters of the South Pacific to the snows of Wyoming and back as a boy tries to stay alive and learns that not everyone is who they claim to be.

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The Lions of el Bayadh





Although told that Hassan should never leave the island of El Hierro, there is no explanation. Then Arab slavers appear, first to capture natives as slaves, but instead kidnap Hassan and take him to an Arab sheik to be killed. The true reason becomes exposed why the sheik wants him dead as Francois, Col. Santana, and Hassan's best friend, Filipe, race across an ocean of water and sand to rescue him. However, the elements seem to be against them. As the usurper sheik gloats over his victory, the long silent Lions of el Bayadh begin to roar.

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