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Whether the protagonist, main character, hero, antagonist, or villain, animate or inanimate, an author needs to know their players traipsing through the story. The more that is known, the more realistic that player becomes to the audience who can then come to have an emotional attachment. To that end, the author has to do some groundwork for starting the story. There are many approaches and whatever works for an author is probably the right one. This is offered as one of the many approaches to creating a player. (As will be seen, this one is still under construction.)

 A hearty welcome from an old Celt


Though far frae thee, my native shore,
And tossed on life's tempestuous ocean,
My heart-aye Scottish to the core-
Shall cling to thee wi' warm devotion.
And while the waving Heather grows,
And onward rows the winding river,
The toast be "Scotland's broomy knowes,
Her mountains, rocks, and glens forever!"

(Alexander Hume 1811 - 1859 )


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