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 A hearty welcome from an old Celt


Though far frae thee, my native shore,
And tossed on life's tempestuous ocean,
My heart-aye Scottish to the core-
Shall cling to thee wi' warm devotion.
And while the waving Heather grows,
And onward rows the winding river,
The toast be "Scotland's broomy knowes,
Her mountains, rocks, and glens forever!"

(Alexander Hume 1811 - 1859 )

O'Mordha's World

A writer rarely sits down at a computer to put his imagination into a visual form. At least, I can't, which means research. Some of that is done using the Internet to access hard-to-get information, some is done in libraries, and some is retrieved with boots on the ground. That is what happened recently while gathering information about an up-coming write that takes place along the Butterfield Stage Route from Missouri to Arizona in 1867.

Blustery, actually lousy weather cleared for a three-mile hike to Ft. Bowie in the mountains of SE Arizona with my youngest son as photographer, daughter who wanted to get out of the office, and my trusty hiking companion, Murphy.

There simply is no way to capture the feel of the setting by looking at pictures. There are always encounters with interesting people with interesting stories, discovering interesting facts, and meeting with . . .

wildlife. The story under construct is not much more than an outline, but this guy may well find a way into the plot.

How long do I spend researching? As long as it takes. In this case eleven months. No, not every day because there are two novels in the finishing stages. At least February and March in Arizona were pleasant, and I don't mind the heat, so every chance I get will find Murphy and me poking about the back country.


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